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KMD offers high quality products for customers to choose from, as well as OEM/ODM services upon request.


Professional manufacturer, Wholesale custom OEM/ODM

The plastic bottles produced by KMD Company include HDPE plastic bottles, PET plastic bottles, food plastic bottles, health care product plastic bottles, medical plastic bottles, etc. They are environmentally friendly green plastic packaging designated by advanced countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, and the matching conforms to international standards. CRC safety cover, pressure-sensitive gasket and portable cover; and production of cosmetic packaging containers of various specifications and capacities, PET material has the characteristics of transparency, stable chemical properties, recyclability, etc. It is an internationally recognized green environmental protection material. US FDA demonstration and domestic related certification, widely used in electronics factories, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, toy factories, etc.

Reasons for entrusting us to process:

  • 1. R & D strength: We have a number of excellent designers and mature mold teams. From product appearance design to structural design, the team starts from the real user experience of users, combines new and efficient production technology, and continuously meets customers' needs through repeated updates and iterations. Customized requirements.
  • 2. Factory scale We currently have more than 100 employees, a manufacturing workshop of 4,000 square meters, a warehouse of more than 1,200 square meters, standard purification workshops, clean workshops and centralized feeding systems, and more than 20 sets of various injection molding machines, automatic blow molding machines, and central control molding machines. There are more than 10 fully automatic assembly and testing equipment, and 3 fully automatic labeling machines.
  • 3. our service We provide perfect after-sales service, from ordering, logistics and control of goods from warehouses. There are quality problems and can be returned/replaced. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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